Shinyera Diasim, Baltimore, Maryland
I finally broke down and purchased your cinnamon rolls last week and today was THE DAY! Just finished eating my first one.....WOW! What a treat... I have not tasted anything this good in the seven years since I have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. It was fantastic and I just had to let you know how much I appreciated having this treat. I also very much enjoy your Bagels and Bread from Udi's. I have tried plenty over the years and yours is tops. Thank you so very much for the excellent product.

Myra Trgovac
Fast shipping, delicious products, wonderful prices. Thank you so much! I will definitely be a repeat customer. With food like this, who minds eating gluten-free?!

Laura Price - Springfield, IL
Thank you for making it easier to live a gluten-free lifestyle!

John Phillips - Trenton, NJ
To all guys and gals out there: When I was told by my doctor, that he got to the bottom of my situation, and he informed me that I have celiac disease and that I will need to change to a GLUTEN FREE DIET, I did not know that my entire life will change, and it sure did! I want you all to knew that the day I found is the day that I started getting back my old life. The variety, service, shipping and the customer service are outstanding. The comfort and support you get when talking to a real person on the other side of the phone - that really knows the ins and outs of this disease, has great ides and is out there to help you and make a difference, makes coping with this disease a lot easier. I would advise all of you to stick with this company and support the ones that support and comfort us.

Abraham Topeka - Kansas
I thought going Gluten Free would just be impossible...thank you saved me. You've got a huge variety of different products which satisfy even the pickiest of eaters like me!!!!!!!!!!!! Your service is great and shipping so fast...! I can't wait for a new recipe to appear on your front page...I've been trying them for the past few weeks and they are delicious and easy to follow.. Especially the pasta one...I made it for dinner 3 days in a row! Thank you!

Love the way the site is very well categorized, unlike other gluten free sites where you need to explore the entire site before I can find what I want. They also have a great variety, which is great for me as a celiac sufferer! Thank you.

Sarah-Allison has an amazing assortment of glutenfree delectables. I was very satisfied with there customer service and helpful tips."

Sam Jane
Bready Home-Baking System: After much thinking, deciding and reading every possible review from testers of the Bready machine, I still wasn't sure if I was ready to invest in the bread machine. After finding out I would have four non-Celiac relatives visiting me for a while, I decided to give the bready bread machine a try. I thought that if I could bake fresh bread, even if it wasn't so perfect, it would still impress them enough that they wouldn't care about the lack of texture.
Well, I WAS WRONG! This bready machine is SUPERB! I have tested all flavors, and they all came out tasting just like "real" gluten bread. I have tested the bread with many friends and nobody realized that it is gluten free! The many bread mixes are delicious and gave me so many options, from French Toast, to grilled cheese, to stratas. Thank you, thank you for creating the best product available on the Celiac market!

Ingrid D Olson, Missouri
Bready Home-Baking System: The bready machine is amazingly hands free and the bread tastes wonderful! I was shocked at how good the quality is, and I didn't have to toast every piece of bread. It is great, it doesn't fall apart and crumble like many other Gluten Free breads that I tried. I really missed a good old peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When I first used my Bready machine, I ate them straight for five days!

Stephanie Schultz, Missouri
Bready Home-Baking System: I just wanted to rave about my new bready machine! After receiving my bready bread machine, I enjoyed way too many slices of piping hot and wonderfully delicious gluten free bread! Having tried multiple store bought breads in the recent past I was a bit nervous of how this bread would taste. I do not like the taste of most gluten free breads. I wanted to try the white bread first as I did not want the added ingredients in the specialty flavors to mask the taste. I read the instructions and let the machine do the rest. It was as simple as the advertisement states. After going gluten free nearly a year ago I am looking forward to the many sandwiches that I have had to forgo! My head is now spinning with thoughts of grilled cheese, peanut butter and sandwiches! Thank you!"

S.J., Westerly, Rhode Island
Enzymedica Allerase: Started taking Enzymedica Allerase and within a couple days my sinuses were doing much better. This is a great product without side effects.

Brown Rice Flour: I made the bread recipe on the package of the brown rice flour. The bread came out amazing. It's much better tasting and quality then the other brown rice flours that I have tried.

Katz's Challah: Thanks loads for this great tasting challah. It was awesome!

Betsy Laurel, Louiseville, KY
Udii's White Sandwhich Bread: I have been getting Udi's White Sandwich Bread for a while now, but found the Whole Grain Loaf on sale and decided to give it a try. I can't believe they made an EVEN better tasting bread! I let the bread defrost on the counter and it turned out soft, moist and holds together GREAT without warming or toasting. It's made perfect sandwiches and french toast! Flavor is great and you're getting whole grains too! I absolutely love this bread!

Jessica D., Corvallis, OR
Really Healthy Stuff - Caring Candies: A friend recently offered some of these candies to try...I'm beyond thrilled! These candies are AMAZING! I will recommend it to anyone and everyone who will listen. This is the only candy I will allow into my house from now on. Congrats for a wonderful product. I wish you MUCH success!

Really Healthy Stuff - Caring candy: My 3 year old was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It has been tough finding sugar free candies that taste good. I scoured the internet and health food stores for lollipops. These are the best lollipops on the sugar free planet! My other children enjoy eating them also. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making colorful, tasty candy that doesn't get sticky and melty. You have made my child's life much more enjoyable. We take our candy very seriously.

Anonymous, Florida
Udi's Whole Grain Products: With several celiacs in several generations of the family, summer BBQs were a challenge, but these new buns have brought BIG smiles to our family gatherings. The whole grain Udi's products have been our bread of choice and to have them in a burger bun (also great for sandwiches) is fantastic. Udis - add the multigrain option for hot dog buns!!!

Caybound, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Udi's Hot Dog Buns: Face it, you CANNOT wrap a hot dog in a piece of regular bread, especially not GF! After trying all the gluten free breads brands, our personal favorite is Udi's for flavor and, particularly, texture. We like the white, just wish they offered this in multigrain like the burger buns.

Caybound, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Gluten Free Crackers: I love these crackers. They have a similar taste to Ritz, but not as greasy and more crispy. They're good alone, with spreads (nut butter) or other lunch/snack items (cheese, meat).

Alysa, Oregon
Kinnikinnick S'moreable Graham Crackers: Smores are possible! These are thicker and slightly less crispy than a traditional graham cracker but have good taste and texture.

Heaven Mills Gluten Free Pie Crust: This pie crust is worth a try, made grandmas favorite pudding pie was a kick off!