US Chocolates - Tastes Like Wheat, Delicious Gluten Free Dough Base, 50 Lb Container

  • Brand: US Chocolates
  • Kosher: OU, CRC
  • Weight: 50.00 lbs
  • SKU: PD36
  • Availability: In stock

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A dough base that's quick, easy, and best of all...gluten free! Now introducing our Tastes Like Wheat, Delicious Gluten Free Dough Base; try it once and you'll be hooked. This dough base can be used as a direct replacement for a wheat base, in any recipe that requires one. For pizza and rolls, you simply need to mix one and a half pounds of the dough, with a couple of ingredients, and bingo!-a dough ready to be adorned with toppings of your choice, and then popped into the oven! Rugelach, bowties, and kichel, can also be made using this terrific dough base. Again, one and half pounds of dough is combined with a few basic baking staples, and then you can shape and decorate the dough to your liking. It's so simple that you'll find baking a newfound pleasure! Furthermore, delight in the misbelieving faces of your family and friends when you tell them that it's purely gluten free!
  • glutenfree.pngGluten Free
  • kosher.png Kosher
Potato Starch, Tapocio Starch, Acetylated Starch, Sugar, Nutritional Fiber, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Alum Phosphate, Stabilizers, Salt, Monocalcium Phosphate
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Tastes Like Wheat, Delicious Dough Base

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