Aroma Diffuser, Marguerite

  • Brand: Puzhen
  • Weight: 3.00 lbs
  • SKU: PZ-AC01
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A symbol of innocence and patience, the Margeurite Aroma Diffuser creates just that. It infuses the air with blessings and harmony, leaving all those in the area calm and happy. Small and economic, this aroma diffuser has a built in infrared motion sensor which keeps track of the size of the crowd and diffuses the right amount of aroma, accordingly. Because of this exxtraordinary feature, the Margeurite retains enough oil to diffuse fragrances for many days. A perfect spa atmoshphere, in your very own home. The Margeurite Aroma Diffuser is available in 3 soft colors: Silver, Green, and Apricot. Choose from the options below.

The Margeurite Aroma Diffuser has a coverage area of 323 square feet. It can work continuously for around 1 hour with 3-5 drops of essential oil.
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Aroma Diffuser, Marguerite

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