Wai Lana Little Yogis, Daydream Kit

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The delightful Wai Lana Little Yogis, Daydream Kit is a most charming collection that will keep your kids happy and occupied for hours. Perfect for home activities, car travel, or parties. The kit includes a Daydream DVD, Daydream CD, Daydream Game Cards, and Daydream Coloring Book.

Daydream DVD is one that kids will fall in love with! Designed as a naptime cartoon, Daydream features a fun head-to-toe meditation for little ones, to relax and soothe them as they settle down to sleep. Filled with adorable characters, secret waterfalls, hot air balloon rides, pink elephants, happy monkeys, and dancing butterflies, Daydream is a delight to see and enjoy. "Wai Lana's captivating cartoon is filled with the stuff nice dreams are made of". Running time is approximately 30 minutes.The Wai Lana Little Yogis Daydream DVD features:• Fun learning games• Adorable cartoon characters• Animated head-to-toe relaxation• Soothing songs to help them wind down• Daydream poster

Daydream CD promotes relaxation and inner balance, through modernizing age old yoga practices that have been proven effective for generations. When settling your kids down for a nap, or jsut to relax quietly, Daydream is the perfect way to do it. It helps them achieve that deep sense of calm that will soothe and uplift them, with the yoga techniques that are most effective. Track 1: We'll Wake You; this includes a "fun wake-up song so kids can come out of their afternoon nap in good spirits". Track 2: Keep Resting; this includes a soft lullaby that gently fades out and will let the kids rest deeply and calmly. Running time approximately 75 minutes.

Daydream Game Cards is full of colorful scenes from fun-filled daydreams, this delightful deck displays fun characters, silly cartoons, and cute animals that will keep your kids playing for hours. In addition, Daydream Game Cards features are:• Five easy games to improve memory, focus, and reflexes (52 cards)• Great for sleepovers, parties, or anytime• Hours of wholesome, interactive entertainment• Ages 3 and up • 2 or more playersDaydream Coloring Book will emit squeals of delight from your kids as they devour the pages and add life to all the exciting and familiar characters! The book is filled with cute cartoons, fun games, and silly yoga stickers which will provide hours of fun, entertainment, and learning. In addition, Daydream Coloring Book features are:

•68 pages •11"H x 8.5"W •Bonus yoga stickers inside •For ages 3 and above
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Wai Lana Little Yogis, Daydream Kit

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