Aroma Diffuser, Sprout

  • Brand: Puzhen
  • Weight: 3.00 lbs
  • SKU: PZ-UA05
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Serenity and harmony are within your reach, with the Sprout Aroma Diffuser. Created through modern technology, this diffuser is designed to fully discharge the aromatic fragrances, so that the particles can be completely absorbed by the mind and body. Uniquely crafted with a lid that can hold any plant of your choice, the Sprout can be a decorative ornament in any home or office, in addition to its calming and rejuvinating advantages. To fully cleanse the very air that you breathe in all day, the Sprout aroma diffuser is equipped with an activated carbon mesh, which works wonders to effectively purify any unwanted odors. Additionally, the Sprout Aroma Diffuser comes with 2 aroma diffusing settings - gentle and strong, so that you can adjust how much essential oil you wish to inhale! Feel refreshed and relaxed in no time, with this extraordinary aroma diffuser. The Sprout Aroma Diffuser is available in 3 color bases: White, Green, and Terracotta. Choose from the options below.

The Sprout Aroma Diffuser has a coverage area of 431 square feet. It can run continously for 2 - 4 hours, depending on the setting.
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Aroma Diffuser, Sprout

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