Yehuda Gluten Free Cracked Pepper Cracker, 4.4 Oz. Box (2 Pack)

  • Brand: Kenover
  • Kosher: OU - P
  • Weight: 0.55 lbs
  • SKU: y2063-2
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Yehudah Gluten Free Cracked Pepper Crackers are the perfect cracker for Passover and all year round! Enjoy Yehudah Gluten Free Crackers topped with butter, tuna, eggs, cream cheese, liver, tehina, hummus, or any of your favorite toppings! Munch on them plain for a satisfying, yet delightful crunch! Yehuda Gluten Free Crackers, Cracked Pepper is perfect for those who desire gluten free products during Passover and all year round. All product bearing the Yehuda name are always made to perfection and this item is no exception!
  • glutenfree.pngGluten Free
  • kosher.png Kosher
Tapioca starch, water, potato starch, potato flour, expeller pressed palm oil, natural vinegar, honey, egg yolks, salt, black pepper. Contains Egg.
Nutritional Facts

yehuda cracked pepper cracker nutrition


Yehuda Gluten Free Cracked Pepper Cracker, 4.4 Oz. Box (Pack of 2)

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