Air Oasis 5000 Commercial Air Purifier

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Looking for an effective air purifier that is compact, uses the latest up-to-date technology, and really works? You need an air purifier that neutralizes chemicals in the air and gets rid of dust mites, allergens, and odors, but for a commercial area? Try Air Oasis Commercial Air Purifiers!

he Air Oasis 5000 is a strong commercial air purifier designed for cleaning the air in open rooms up to 5000 square feet with higher contaminant levels or strong odors. Placement options include kennels, warehouses, salons, gyms, restaurants, bars/lounges, etc. The built-in handle makes it ideal for spot cleaning hotel rooms after a smoker occupied the room, mold, remediation, treatment of job sites, and more.

This air purifier quickly and effectively reduces carbon-based contaminants, providing fresh, clean smelling air in only minutes. What are carbon-based contaminants? Some of the more familiar carbon-based contaminants include mold, bacteria, viruses, odors and volatile organic compounds. All this is accomplished by using the AHPCO (advanced hydrated photocatalytic oxidation) technology developed by NASA and enhanced by the Air Oasis research and development team (Dr. Jeff Bennert, Jon Bennert and Dr. Nabarun Ghosh). Not only are the Air Oasis countertop air purifiers effective, but they are also extremely energy efficient, being DC powered!

The AO5000 performs a whisper quiet operation and uses as much energy as a single 100-watt lightbulb, saving you money and saving the environment! It is virtually maintanance free, and an audible alarm will sound when a replacement cell is needed (once every 3 years)

Directions for use: The Air Oasis 5000 is simple to operate. The device turns on with the flip of a single switch. There are no complicated multiple settings to learn.

Air Oasis recommends replacing the battery of your countertop air purifier every 3 years. Simply purchase a replacement cell and send your countertop air purifier back to Air Oasis. The highly-qualified technicians will inspect your product, clean it, change the battery, and you'll get it back as good as new!

You want to breathe clean, pure air? Try Air Oasis air purifier today!
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Air Oasis 5000 Commercial Air Purifier

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