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Stephanie Schultz, Missouri

"Enzymedica Allerase: Started taking Enzymedica Allerase and within a couple days my sinuses were doing much better. This is a great product without side effects."

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Graduation Party Ideas 2015

With graduation day fast approaching, having a few spectacular party ideas up your sleeve will surely give you an edge. You want this day to be special for your young graduate and you definitely want his/her friends to have a good time as well.

Here are some creative yet scrumptious foods you can have at your graduation party that your guests will definitely be talking about for years to come.

1. Graduation Cake Pops

Nothing makes a party more exciting than cake! You can use these incredibly easy to make cake pops as center pieces or even as party favors. Use gluten free flour which is available at Gluten Free Palace to make these precious cake pops. If you donít have time to make them yourself, you can always hire a Catering Business & Food Service Professionals to do it for you. Either way, these cake pops are sure to be a hit at your party.

2. Graduation Hat Cookies

If you donít have time to make elaborate snacks for your party, these delicious, and completely gluten free, graduation hat cookies are just what you need for a last minute graduation party. All you have to do is order them from Gluten Free Palace and have them delivered to your home. And voila! You have party favors that are good to go.

 Graduation Hats Party Favor Cookie

3. Light Bulb Party Favors

These are a clever and memorable graduation party favor. You can fill these with anything you want like gluten free cake balls, lemon heads or pretty much anything you can think of. Slap on a creative tag, and there you have it! Tell your party organizers that you must have these light bulb graduation party treatsat your graduation party this summer.

4. Fiesta Pinwheel Appetizers

These spectacular could not be easier to make. They are really a hit at parties, no matter what the age group. They are so delicious that your guests might forget about the food altogether and might end up making a meal out of them! Try these with gluten free tortillas.

5. Chocolate Banana Cream Cake

No party can be complete without cake. In fact, you might find people complaining about the lack of desserts! Try this not-so-traditional cake for your graduation party. You can never go wrong with chocolate and bananas! Get gluten free cake flour and make almost any kind of cake your heart desires.

6. Girl Graduate Cookies

Throwing a fancy sorority graduation party? No problem. These girl graduation cookies are a hit with sorority sisters and will definitely be a hit at your party as well. Whatís more? You can have them delivered to your address and you wonít have to bother with any cooking or baking. Focus all your energies on having a fantastic party, and watch as your guests have a blast with these delicious gluten free cookies.

Gluten Free Girl Graduate Cookies

Throw a graduation party to remember with these gluten free foods and be the star of your 10 year class reunion!


Get Your Dad the Perfect Gift Basket This Fatherís Day!

Mark your calendars! June 21st is Fatherís Day and you canít afford to miss it. You may have spoiled your mom on Motherís Day so now itís Dadís turn to be shown a little love. Gift baskets make for a great present Ė you can combine lots of things you know your dad will find a use for. So here are a few ideas to get you started.

For the Dad that loves to Read

If your father loves books, a gift basket full off material related to his hobbies and interests would make a very thoughtful gift. Car magazines, home improvement magazines and books from his favorite writers can be included. Even a subscription to a magazine or a gift card for a book store is sure to be appreciated by a book lover. If you know what your Dad loves, building this gift basket should be no trouble.

For the Dad that loves to Eat

Who doesn't love food? Sure you can create a delicious selection of meats and cheeses as a gift basket for Fatherís Day but what about special Fatherís Day cookies? Glutenfree Palace offers several mouth-watering cookies in their Fatherís Day gift baskets. Barbecue themed cookies, camping cookies, fishing cookies and many more yummy Fatherís Day cookies are up for grabs for Dads everywhere trying to be healthier. They are exceptional treats for exceptional Dads.

Father's Day Cookies

For the Dad that loves Movies

Is your Dad the type to love the old Hollywood classics? If so, a Fatherís Day gift basket full of a collection of movies like Rear Window, North by Northwest, Citizen Kane and Dirty Harry will take him back to the old days. Itíll be a collection he can treasure forever as a well as a gift that he will use often.

For the Dad that loves to Groom

Your Dad may not spend much on his personal grooming products, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't! A combination of shaving cream, after shave, electric razor, cologne, deodorant, shower gel and even hair gel may just make the perfect Fatherís Day gift basket.

Father's Day Gift Box

So which of these gift baskets for Dad will yours love? Whether its books, classic movies, Fatherís Day cookies, tools or fishing equipment Ė remember to pick something you know will be used (or eaten). After all, your Dad deserves the appreciation.


Pamper Your Mom This Mother's Day with Gluten Free Gift Baskets!

Itís that time of year again! The familiar feeling of panic when itís closing in on the 10th of May and you realize you've forgotten (for the 3rd year in a row) all about a Motherís Day gift. Let this serve as your heads up Ė itís Motherís Day soon and your mamma deserves a treat. Just think of all sheís had to put up with over the years! So this time, make sure she knows how much you appreciate her.

What better way to show your mom that you care than presenting a specially made gift basket for mom? And not just any gift basket Ė a gluten free gift basket filled with delicious and healthy motherís day cookies. Donít know where to find any? Gluten Free Palace is the place to go for motherís day gift baskets. Itís perfect for anyone trying to eat healthy and avoid allergies. Even better, just a few mouse clicks and the cookies will be shipped to you well before the 10th, so you donít have to worry about showing up empty handed.

Mother's Day Cookies

Say ďI love you Mom!Ē through GFPís special I love you, Mom package. You can customize your cookies from the classic chocolate chip to raspberry linger to vanilla graham. You can even add a personalized note to the mix.

Lady of Honor gift box

If you think your mom deserves more (and she really, really does), enlarge the gift basket with a few more motherís day cookies. GFPís Lady of Honor gift box oozes love with its handcrafted design and pretty pink bow. Inside is a treasure of lip smack worthy cookies, jelly bellies and dry fruits. Itíll make for one heck of a gift basket for one heck of a mom.

Cookies make for a fantastic gift but actions speak louder than cookies. Think of all those times your mom took care of you when you were sick. That kind of attention deserves reciprocation donít you think? So try breakfast in bed. It would be truly pampering your mom, plus a healthy breakfast is a lovely way to start the day.

a healthy breakfast

So now that you've got a headís up, donít forget about Motherís Day. Spoil the first lady in your life with some motherís day cookies, breakfast in bed and healthy, delicious gluten free gift baskets.


LíShanah Tovah: Hereís wishing you a sweet, gluten free year!

In spirit of one of the sweetest festivals of the year, the Jewish New Year or Rosh Hashanah as the holiday is known as; weíve rounded up a list of our favorite gluten free foods to add to your menu planning this year. Have the sweetest Rosh Hashanah youíve had yet with these delectable gluten-free treats.

1) Fig and pomegranate tapenade: One of the Rosh Hashanah customs include eating symbolic foods such as apples dipped in honey to symbolize a sweet new year, a ĎYehi Ratzoní platter that includes pumpkin-filled pastries, leek fritters, stuffed vegetables, dates, pomegranates and more. No Rosh Hashanah feast can be complete without something delectably sweet and we think this fig and pomegranate tapenade recipe would make a perfect appetizer to serve along with the rest of the goodies.

2) Apple glazed BBQ chicken: Apples are a symbol of the Jewish New Year and while you could serve them up dipped in honey or as compote, why not try something entirely different and try this recipe for apple glazed BBQ chicken? Youíll have your guests raving about this chicken all night.

3) Whole grilled fish- Emeril Lagasse style: This wonderfully simple recipe packs tons of flavors and the zesty freshness of lemons and herbs. And as it is custom to serve a whole grilled fish with the head, thereís no better way to do so than with this flavorful recipe. The best part? Itís so easy, even a child could do it!

4) Gluten-free Challah: Youíre going to need bread. And you canít celebrate the New Year without the customary long-braided Challah. Buy it online here on Gluten Free Palace or bake it yourself- but this is an absolute for your Rosh Hashanah feast.

5) Zucchini with currants and almonds: Did you know that almonds and pistachios are the only 2 kinds of nuts mentioned in the bible? So itís only fitting to serve this stir-fried side dish complete with currants and almonds as a wonderful addition to your Rosh Hashanah feast.

6) Gluten-free cherry pie: The kind that takes minimum effort and barely 20 minutes to put together? The kind where eating just one slice isnít possible? And whatís better? Nobody can even tell itís gluten free? Buy it here on Gluten Free Palace and have all your dessert worries put to rest!

7) Gluten-free party favors: Want your guests to leave happy? Gift them a tin of these chocolate treats. Complete with gluten-free cookies and brownies, thereís no way these wonít please the heart of a chocolate lover. And what better way to end the sweetest celebration of the year with a box full of lip-smacking chocolate cookies and brownies?!


How to have a gluten-free Halloween that you can be proud of!

When Halloween rolls around, everyone gets excited. Kids and adults plan for the spookiest holiday of the year with candies, fun treats and crazy decorations. Popcorn is brought out and families get together to watch horror flicks and carve pumpkins. Yes, itís truly an exciting time. But for parents of children with gluten intolerance, it can be a bit of a nightmare. Gluten Free Palace shows you how you can have a carefree Halloween that you can be proud of.

1) Plan ahead: If your child suffers from gluten intolerance, itís in his or her best interest to inform the neighbors about this condition. Buy gluten-free candies, cookies and chocolate bars that you can distribute amongst the neighbors so that when youíre out trick or treating and stop by at their house, they have something to offer.

2) Throw a party: If youíre worried that your child might feel left out, consider throwing a Halloween party yourself! This way youíre in complete control of the food and there is no way your kid will feel left out from the holiday celebrations.

3) Pick a menu that everyone can enjoy: Gluten-free living requires planning, yes. But things would be a lot easier for everybody if you simply picked a menu that everyone (even the ones without the gluten allergy) can enjoy. Foods like caramel apples, buttered popcorn, deviled eggs, nachos etc can be made easily with fuss-free, easily found ingredients.

4) Go the extra mile: You want to make Halloween special? You want to make it a memorable holiday for your kids and guests? Get creative with the Halloween treats. For example, this recipe for meringue ghosts is simple, creative and absolutely delicious. The fact that these tiny meringue ghosts are also really cute too is just icing on the cake. We especially love these Halloween mummy cupcakes and these cutout sugar cookies.

5) Donít feel like baking? We have you covered. Gluten Free Palace offers a wide variety of delicious, adorably spooky gluten-free cookies. But thatís not all, thereís a whole bunch of other gluten-free foods you can order online with us to make your birthday celebrations absolutely stress-free.

6) Think of the other kids: No kid wants to think that their gluten intolerance is an inconvenience. While making sure your kids are safe on the streets as they go trick and treating, think of the other kids with gluten intolerance that could come knocking on your door. Stock up on gluten-free candies that you could give out to these kids as well. Here is a list of companies that make gluten-free candies in case you were wondering. Take our word for it youíll be glad you did!


How to Throw the Perfect Gluten-Free Birthday Party!

Birthday parties are a really big deal in most households, especially if youíre throwing one for a child with celiac disease. But even when youíre not specifically throwing a party for a child with gluten intolerance, thereís always a chance youíre going to have at least one kid in the guests with gluten or other allergy. The solution is pretty simple. Always be prepared. And no, weíre not talking about altering your entire menu to make it gluten free. Weíre talking about including gluten free foods that you can naturally incorporate to your menu and everyone can enjoy.

1) Gluten free chicken fingers: Tender succulent chicken fingers. Now who wouldnít like some of those? We have yet to come across a single child (or adult!) who can resist these baked yummies. Whatís better? Theyíre baked and not fried so theyíre definitely a healthier option.

2) Fruit and marshmallow skewers: Try fruit skewers made with grapes, strawberries, oranges and peaches. Toss in a gluten-free marshmallow for a pleasant surprise or even serve up the classic cheese, pineapple and orange skewers if youíre entertaining older kids.

3) Good olí hamburgers: You canít go wrong with a good olí hamburger, no siree. Serve these along with gluten free hamburger buns, maybe some curly fries on the side and some delicious chocolate ice-cream to make it a complete birthday treat.

4) A cookie bar: If thereís one thing everybody loves, itís a cookie bar. Here at Gluten Free Palace, we offer a wide variety of designer gluten free cookies for every occasion. These cookies have been definite crowd-pleasers and are sure to be a wonderful addition to a birthday party as well. Additionally, you can serve cookies in different flavors for a variety.

5) A separate gluten-free food section: If you have a handful of gluten intolerant guests, consider setting up a separate gluten-free food section where everything on that table is gluten-free. Similarly, you could serve gluten-free meals in fun, brightly colored doggie bags with stickers on them so that they donít get mixed up with the rest.

6) The birthday cake: Now hereís a situation where you need to put your thinking cap on. Ideally, if youíre throwing a party for a child with celiac disease, it is a good idea to serve a gluten-free cake in his or her favorite flavor. However, if youíre throwing a party where some of the guests are gluten intolerant, serve gluten free desserts so that thereís something for everyone.

7) Gluten-free party favors: Send the kids home with goodie bags filled with tiny gifts. Throw in some coloring sets, books, puzzles and even gluten-free chocolates and sweets if youíd like. Your little guests are sure to leave the party happy, satisfied and most of all, with full bellies!

If you thought throwing a gluten-free birthday party would be stressful, think again. Sure, it requires some thinking and planning, but what doesnít? Besides, once you see the look of joy on your kidís face, itíll be well worth it!


Helping children go gluten free!

It can be really disheartening for a young child to be diagnosed with Celiac disease. At a time when kids want to be carefree and fearless, to have to worry about every little thing that might go into their mouths can be nothing short of a punishment. Kids donít want to have to worry about what they eat. Kids just want to do what they do best eat, play and have fun. Unfortunately, if your child is allergic to gluten, this calls for some immediate changes. With some help, a child with gluten allergy can live a happy, healthy life without feeling the pinch of eating gluten free. Here are some suggestions on how you can help your kid go gluten free.

1) Knowledge is power: When you know better, you do better. Read up about gluten intolerance on the Celiac Disease Foundation website. The website gives you all the information you need about living with this disease along with valuable resources, support and assistance for families affected by this disease.

2) Itís a family problem: Living with celiac can be hard on an adult. Imagine what it must be for a child! A child suffering from gluten intolerance needs all the support, love and encouragement he could get to love with this disease with ease. One of the best ways to show your support is to jointly go on a gluten-free diet as a family.

3) Stock the kitchen with fun gluten-free snacks: Everybody loves snack-time. Kids, especially. Instead of always focusing on food you canít eat, focus on the food you can eat. Foods such as fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, fish and cheese are allowed. You can whip up fun snacks for kids with the help of thousands of recipes on the Internet today. And if youíre not in the mood to cook, store gluten-free cookies, cakes, muffins, breads and burger buns as ready-to-eat snack options.

4) Go the extra mile: Living gluten free can be hard enough as it is without having to worry about birthdays and celebrations. If your kid is invited to a celebration, be sure to call the host well in advance to let them know about your childís allergy. Offer to bring some fun and delicious gluten free treats that your child can eat at the party to make the hostís job easier.

5) Teach your kids to be mindful of the condition: Sooner or later your kids are going to have to come to terms with the fact that they suffer from a condition that needs special care and attention. Teach them to read labels on food products, to let people know about their condition before accepting food wherever they go, to fix their own snacks in your absence, etc.

We all get by with a little bit of help and our kids are no different! Going gluten-free is a lot easier than we imagine it to be and with this guide, youíll be able to help your children go gluten free just fine.


How to eat gluten-free on the go!

Eating gluten free isnít really the ideal thing, but well, the most you can do is make the best of a tough situation and have some fun while youíre at it as well!

Traveling on a gluten-free diet may be a bit of challenge but it isnít something you canít handle and weíre going to tell you just how to make it a breeze.

1) Plan ahead: This might sound like something you really donít want to do. I mean imagine being Paris and not being able to nibble on the pastries and freshly baked breads! Nightmare. But plan ahead youíll have to. As a rule of thumb, pack snacks, a dayís worth of meals, and packaged food items that can keep you going until you get the feel of the place.

2) Before you get onto the plane: Call the airline to let them know to make arrangements for gluten-free food for you. Additionally, do your research about the place youíre visiting thoroughly before you get onto the plane. Find out about the drugstores around your hotel, the restaurants and cafes that offer gluten-free food, even make sure you call ahead to let the hotel youíll be staying at know about your condition. Itís always a good idea to make sure you have all the grounds covered before you reach your destination.

3) Ask the locals about where they eat: The Celiac forum is a good place to interact with people before you take off. You can pose questions to the locals about places you can at when youíre there, places to avoid etc.

4) Get help: Knowledge is power and when youíre equipped with everything you need to know before you set out for a holiday, well, who wouldnít like that? Websites like Gluten Free Passport provide valuable information about global restaurants, US Fast Food chains, bakeries, and global stores etc that offer gluten free food.

5) Carry gluten-free indulgences while traveling: Food comforts and soothes, even when youíre traveling on a gluten-free diet. Pack plenty of gluten-free foods such as gluten-free cookies, gluten-free cakes and muffins etc that will keep you satisfied and happy when youíre away from home.

What can make eating and living gluten-free a lot easier is embracing it as a lifestyle change and welcoming it into your life with arms wide open. Try to love the food you eat and soon enough youíll see that the food will love you back. And if youíre worried about travelling on a gluten-free diet? Well, worry no more.


Perfect take-along foods for your camping adventure!

ďLetís go camping!Ē As a parent, youíre bound to hear this more than once in your life. Itís no different when youíre a parent to gluten intolerant kids. So letís say youíre packing for this camping trip with your kids. The weatherís mighty fine. It looks like itís going to be a good day. But what should you pack for your camping trip? How can you make a camping trip memorable for someone with gluten intolerance? By packing these gluten free camping foods for your camping adventure!

1) Breakfast: Kick-start your camping adventure with a nutritious meal. Pack along some almond milk with your favorite gluten free cereal for a quick and delicious breakfast. If youíre in a mood for something more fun, gluten-free pancakes or waffles are the way to go. Weíd suggest taking along a pancake mix along with some fresh honey and blueberries. Home style comfort right in the middle of the woods.

2) Snacks: If youíre camping with kids, tummies are going to be growling pretty soon. You need to stock up on snacks within reach when the munchies attack. You can almost never leave the house for a camping trip without marshmallows. Definitely take along Kraft marshmallows. Along with that, granola bars, trail mix, popcorn, peanuts, almonds, and fresh fruits such as grapes and apples that donít spoil easily are always a good idea. Tortilla chips, carrot sticks, cheese and rice cakes are always a hit at camping trips. You can almost never go wrong with potato and rice chips. And if youíve packed along some dip such as homemade hummus, youíre golden.

3) Lunch: Lunch can be simple hamburgers or grilled fish (if youíre going fishing) on gluten-free burger buns. Toss together a quick lettuce salad, corn on the cob or foil-packet potatoes and you have a full meal in no time!

4) Dinner: Hot dogs roasted over the fire with baked beans or even fajitas over a grill. Throw together a quick salsa or guacamole if youíre feeling adventurous. Dessert can be simple yoghurt with chopped up fruit. Alternately, if youíre carrying fresh veggies, cheese, packaged meat, you can throw together a quick tortilla wrap on the grill and enjoy a Mexican camping meal in minutes.

If youíre not up for spending too much time cooking, pre-packed gluten free meals sure can come in handy. Foods like noodles, mac and cheese and skillet lasagna are amongst our top picks when it comes to dealing with fussy eaters.

All in all your camping trip is should be an adventure. Nobody should ever have to worry about what to pack for such an occasion, gluten or no gluten. So wait no more! Start packing for your gluten-free camping trip right away!


Top 6 gluten-free summer treats for your kids!

Summer is upon us! And with it are a bunch of hungry, sweaty, possibly cranky kids that need to be fed and re-fueled. If youíre dealing with kids with a gluten allergy, chances are you need to be a lot more careful and creative when dishing out treats. But should gluten intolerance ever stop you? Not at all! Here are our top 5 picks for gluten-free summer treats for your little hungry monsters.

1) Frosted doughnuts: Not only do kids love them for breakfast, but these also make a great post-playtime snack. Of course, we adults donít mind one or two ourselves, but thatís another story altogether! Serve these up with some chopped up fruits or, if youíre feeling indulgent, some sprinkles on the top. Or even a glass of cold almond milk would make a fantastic complete meal!

2) Popsicles: Popsicles are a treat to a tiny, thirsty soul on a warm summerís day. In fact, popsicles could be something fun for you and your kids to make together. Itís amazing how quickly these things come together and how well they go down with kids (and adults) of all ages. Pop these into your freezer right before turning in for the night and youíll have them ready come morning.

3) Whatís really cool this summer? A raspberry fool! No summer is complete without this refreshing and wonderfully light dessert. It comes together in no time and makes for guilt-free indulgence during the warm season.

4) Whatís summer without chocolate? Whatís life without chocolate, if weíre being completely honest? Nothing. Your kids are bound to expect chocolate treats this summer and these chocolate pots are sure to please.

5) Love your kids? Say it with sí mores! These white chocolate coconut and banana sí more bars are absolutely delicious. They have something for everyone! A chewy base, gooey chocolate with a slight hint of vanilla and perfectly roasted sí mores that can win over the heart of even the pickiest eater make these bars a perfect summer treat for your kids.

6) You canít have summer without these snicker doodle cookies. These soft, cinnamon topped cookies take just about 25 minutes to put together and have the perfect chewy center that makes these cookies almost taste like cake! Now we donít know about you, but a cookie thatís almost as good as cake makes everything better, brighter and happier!

Summer treats were never as easy and with these 6 summer treats, your kids are going to be a bunch of happy campers this season! Try these today!


Say it with a gluten-free cookie!

We believe there is a cookie for every occasion. Thereís a cookie that says ĎI love youí; a cookie that says Ďyou did it!í; a cookie that says Ďcongratulationsí; a cookie that says ĎIím sorryí. In fact, weíre convinced that if thereís anything that needs to be said, it can be said with a cookie. Here are our top 5 picks of gluten-free designer cookies that can rightfully convey just what you want to say with love!

1) How You Doiní?

This cookie works as a great pick-up line. We all have that someone special who makes our tummies flare up with butterflies at the thought of them. This is the cookie you gift to someone youíve been meaning to ask out for a while now. Think itís time to finally bite the bullet and ask her out? Well, then these heart-shaped cookies are just what you should get her! This is a suggestive cookie, the no-nonsense cookie, the ĎI-mean-businessí cookie. Order these cookies in vanilla to impress the object of your affection.

2) Welcome to the neighborhood!

This is the hospitable cookie, the Ďwelcome to the neighborhood!í cookie. This is the cookie that is warm and welcoming. The cookie youíd not only like to give to someone, but get as well. A bright, happy cookie perfect for when someone new moves into the neighborhood or when youíre just feeling nice. When you want someone to feel at home and like they belong, this is the cookie you should bring them. Order these in packs of 6!

3) Itís a girllllllll! / Itís a boyyyyy!

Throwing a baby shower? Well, then youíre going to need some cookies! This is a cookie you can get in just about any shape or size; a cookie to celebrate the arrival of a bundle of joy. Get these cookies in the shapes of baby faces, baby carriages, bassinets, storks and if you want them customized, that can be done as well.

4) Youíre the best!

These cookies are for days when you just want to let someone know theyíre the best. Buy them for your husband, buy them for your wife or pack them in a care package for when your son or daughter leaves for college. Just want to let someone you care? Want to let someone know youíre thinking of them? Get your pick of the finest gluten-free designer cookies at Gluten Free Palace.

5) I love you

Weíve saved the best for last. The ĎI love youí cookie. This cookie needs no introduction. If you want to convey your love for someone (and we know you do!), this cookie will do the trick.

Sometimes feelings are best conveyed with a cookie. Sometimes feelings are best conveyed with a gluten free cookie.




We may have it in stock.